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I wasn’t paid on the books, does this work experience count?

What documentation is needed to demonstrate childcare work experience?

Work experience must be paid and must include direct supervisor responsibility to care for at least one child between the ages of 0 and 13 (or up to age 18 if a child has been diagnosed as having special needs). Care provided to siblings or other family members does not qualify.

For each employment experience, the company or family name, job title, dates of employment, and contact information are required. To complete the work experience requirement, students download a form from their online student portal. The student completes the form and submits a W2, paystub, or other documentation as proof of employment. If employment documents do not exist, students can ask the current or former employer to complete and sign a form (also available in the online student portal) which will be accepted as proof of employment. Alternatively, the employer can choose to speak with an Amslee Institute admissions officer to confirm the employment.

Can I skip some classes and still take the proficiency exam to earn the diploma?

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