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How can graduates work with Amslee Institute’s partners?

Graduates and Amslee Institute partners – reputable Nanny Agencies and Domestic Placement Services across the United States – have the option but not an obligation to work with each other. Graduates seek top jobs that are often filled by agencies and agencies recruit top talent to fill their best jobs. Amslee Institute provides information and introductions but all job placement services provided to graduates by a Nanny Agency or Domestic Placement Organization are the sole responsibility of that agency or organization. It is up to the graduate and agency to engage with each other. Amslee Institute does not guarantee employment.

What career services are included with the program?

How long does it take to complete the program? ​

It depends on the student. The online program will go at the pace of the student who can finish in days or take up to 12 weeks. The Basic program will load first into the online student portal and the Basic exam will be unlocked when all the Basic level classes and required paperwork are completed. Amslee staff review submitted documents and attempt to approve correctly submitted materials within 1 business day. Amslee Institute reviews all student submissions within 5 business days; however, incomplete documents and/or an inability to verifying work experience may require additional time. The Childcare Diplomas and Certifications are issued electronically immediately upon the completion of the program.

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