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I have the childcare work experience hours for the Intermediate program but should I enroll in the Advanced to save money?

It depends on how close you are to the required hours for the Advanced program. If you will not complete at least 500 hours of childcare experience within 12 weeks, then enroll in the Intermediate program. If you will have more than 500 hours of childcare experience within 12 weeks, you can enroll in the Advanced program. You must meet all the program requirements within the allotted time to earn the diploma and certification.

Will I need to buy textbooks?

No, all the course materials are available online and included in the tuition and fees. Every course has a study guide that can be downloaded and used to capture notes from the course. The courses are copyrighted and cannot be saved on a personal computer in any way. The exceptions are reference materials and course study guides, which can be downloaded from the Additional References page in the student portal. Any personal notes taken during the program can be saved as a reference. Amslee Institute grants unlimited access to all the course materials during the 12 weeks of enrollment.

I am not living in the United States, can I enroll?

I graduated high school in another country, can I enroll?

Yes, if you completed the equivalent of a high school diploma. Documentation of equivalent education from other countries that is officially translated into English is sufficient to meet the high school diploma requirement. If any post-secondary training or classes were taken towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, transcripts from a licensed college or university can also be submitted to meet this requirement.

I’ve been a Nanny for over 10 years, can I skip some programs and enroll in the Professional Program?

No, the programs are designed and licensed to be completed in order as the Advanced and Specialist courses build on content taught in the Basic and Intermediate level courses. Every course, including those in the Basic and Intermediate programs, are designed to cover the fundamentals as well as provide advanced training on the subject matter for those students with significant childcare experience.

Do I have to complete CPR and First Aid training before enrolling? ​

No, CPR and First Aid certification can be completed before or after enrollment. CPR and First Aid certification must be completed with documentation provided within the 12 weeks of enrollment and prior to receiving a diploma or certification. Amslee Institute does not offer CPR or First Aid training and recognizes certification documents from reputable organizations. First Aid and CPR certification is available online for $30.

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